Heavenly beer specialities in a class all their own!

The Federal Prize of Honor from the german Ministry of Food and Agriculture

One of Germany’s most decorated breweries

Family Fach (v.l.n.r.: Alexander Fach, Wilhelm Fach, Tabea Fach)

Angels really do exist. We love our name. Mainly because it fits us so well – Engel means “angel” in English. We are one of Germany’s most decorated breweries. There is a good reason for this success, it is the result of hard work, premium craftsmanship, best raw materials and practiced tradition.
Where do the award-winning Engel beers come from? From Crailsheim in the Hohenlohe-Franconia region of Southern Germany, an area shaped by nature: picturesque landscapes marked by river valleys, forests, meadows, forts and castles. Hohenlohe-Franconia has been officially recognised as an epicurean region with many authentic local products. We’re also known for our people, who stand behind their products with passion and craftsmanship. It’s no wonder the Engel beers come from this area.

Our Engel beers: Now certified organic

Some of our beer specialities are now organic beers. The Engel Keller Pils, Engel Kellerbier Non-alcoholic, Engel Naturradler Non-alcoholic and our latest beer creation, Engel Keller Dark Non-alcoholic have been certified.

Our organic beers are certified with the German and European organic seals and represent the steadily increasing quality standards of the Engel beer factory.


Take award-winning angels home!

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From 1738 until today

A unique beer with a unique history.